Public Goods + Microgrids
Pluralistic alternative to central grid planning

Plurigrid expands electricity resource capacity and scientific planning for electrical resources feasible in the real world through a protocol for better games in energy markets and incentive engineering infrastructure, ...

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Public Goods

We are building for You

What does it take to build a reliable and resilient electric grid? We are building the tools to make it happen.


Incentive models for grid participants using the Augmented Bonding Curve + Cyberphysical System constraints from operating DER.

Hybrid IBC

A way for private instances of Plurigrid protocol to operate infrastructure for its faithful implementation, as well as the relayer pattern for connecting to the public IBC.

Coordination Commons

To allow constituencies served by the electric grid under protocol to express their intent and ensure the valid decision making process, prevent fraud, and ensure overall incentive alignment using the Commons Stack and other instruments.

Whitelabel Microgrid app platform

Integration between CosmWasm contracts and the mobile UI that each Microgrid will be able to customize to their own liking and ship resultings apps for multiple platforms, to be used by the participants in the microgrid.

Open Hardware and Infrastructure

In operating Hybrid IBC, as well as distributed consumer devices like chargers, we will share our designs for power-efficient, secure, and resilient infrastructure to be used as templates.


Research initiatives that allow us to fundamentally allow for new modes of coordination on a macro and micro level, e.g. Open Games Engine and Multi-Party Computation